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Astute Valeting Limited offer all types of car care and occasional car valeting. From our bespoke “Car Spa” in Kirkham we are proud to offer a next level in-depth detailing service.

Our dedicated team can address present issues with your vehicles appearance and then perform steps such as deep-cleaning and decontamination, through to correction of the issues to bring your vehicle back to life.

Once the correction has taken place we offer “Nano Ceramic” coatings, and paint protection films for your vehicle’s exterior, protect the appearance for years to come.

We pride ourselves on high standards, only using the best products, so that every service provided its met to all customers satisfaction.

Our mobile valeting services are available all across the Fylde coast and with the addition of more mobile vehicles we now include Preston and the surrounding areas.

“ having owned the car for two years from new, I have never seen it show its colour or shine like it does now… and to think I was contemplating selling, thanks guys I’m now back in love with her”

If you’re not entirely sure about what level of service you need, or just want to get booked in please get in contact with the team on 01253 888833.


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